Kenya’s Most Sought After Kabambe is A Year Old Nokia 105

nokia 105
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Nokia is one of the few tech companies that has been bringing in products that pay homage to its old mobile phones that were pretty much household names. This began with the revival of the Nokia 3310 and smart feature phones have been a norm since. Well, it looks like another feature phone, Nokia 105 is becoming a trend lately among many Kenyans who aren’t really looking for smartphones.

The device was launched last year in the country selling for around KES 1,900. You should not expect the phone to bring you any crazy specs but it does the job it’s required to do.

You will notice how small and light the Nokia 105 is standing at 73 grams and 14.4 mm thickness. The phone features a 1.77-inch TFT display with a resolution (120 x 160 pixels) that will leave you seeing almost every individual pixel.

It does pack 4MB of memory and 4MB of storage space. All this is powered by the phone’s 800mAh battery that charges via a micro-USB 1.1 port. Luckily, the battery is able to run for up to 14hours since there are no huge demands.

Where To Buy Nokia 105 in Kenya

At about KES 2,000, you can get the 2019 Nokia 105 sells in various stores across the country including:

  1. Jumia- KES 1,850
  2. Avechi- KES 1,699
  3. Shopit- KES 2,199
  4. Phones and Tablets Kenya- KES 2,500
  5. Mobilehub Kenya- KES 1,750
  6. Nokia Shop Sarit Centre- KES 1,900

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