Carrefour Launches New Online Shopping Platform

Carrefour App

Every day we get closer and closer to digitizing everything. Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen the significant growth in online shopping. Thus many are moving to shopping. Carrefour, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in Kenya has launched a new mobile app. Their aim is to enhance the online shopping experience for its Kenyan customers.

Carrefour Shopping App

The app works just as similarly as Jumia and Glovo work. It promises customers a seamless shopping experience allowing them to browse and add all their essentials to a digital cart. There are two apps on the Playstore depicting Carrefour shopping. Make sure to download this one: MAF Carrefour Online Shopping. The MAF Carrefour app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.

Franck Moreau, Country Manager of Carrefour Kenya at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, said

“At Carrefour, we’re constantly finding innovative ways to modernise and digitise the shopping experience for our customers. We are confident that the new app will provide Kenyan customers with a convenient and safe option to shop from the comfort of their homes. The introduction of our new app also responds to the growing demand in Kenya for a more sophisticated online shopping platform,” he added.


Carrefour notes that it is offering more than 8,000 items including groceries, fresh food and light household products. The app features

  1. A ‘build your shopping list’ function
  2. Frequently purchased’ tab which saves items bought regularly.
  3. Customers can also access their receipts as well as past transactions anytime through the app.
  4. Deals and Promotions page
  5. Scan bar codes of certain items to find them on the online store
Delivery and Payment

Delivery is currently only available within Nairobi. However, it has plans to expand to other cities across the country in the near future. The online shopping app allows customers to choose a 1-hour delivery slot either on the same day or the next day between 9 am – 8 pm, for a delivery fee of KES 99.

Initially, payments will only be performed through the mobile money platform, M-PESA. However, the Carrefour team is working on extending the same to Debit/ Credit card payments in the coming months.

First Impressions

The app looks really good. The animations are smooth and the pictures clear and crisp. It is also well sectioned with different products set up in different categories like you would find them at the store. It also has a different tab for deals and I believe that is a tab a lot of people will frequent. The barcode is a nifty idea but unfortunately, it only works for items you have bought from the store before. (This is probably because different stores have different numbering systems).

Nevertheless, the process is simple from start to finish and I appreciate that. We will continue to test out the app and give you feedback as we proceed.

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