Huawei Allegedly Planning To Sell Part of Its Smartphone Business

Image Courtesy C-NET

For those who do not know, Huawei has been going through a very rough patch concerning security and privacy issues with America. Washington says that Huawei is a national security threat, which the company continuously denies. This led to the ban of the company from working with or associating themselves with American companies. This significantly including Google and its services.

Now, imagine phones without Google… without YouTube, without the PlayStore and so on. Huawei has tried to sell consumers on the notion that they can ‘make their own app store.’ However, it looks like it’s not working out for them. An exclusive from Reuters, states that China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is in early-stage talks to sell its premium smartphone brands P and Mate

Is this the End of Huawei Smartphones

The source says that Huawei started to internally explore the possibility of selling the brands as early as last September. This is a move that could see the company eventually exit from the high-end smartphone-making business.

The company is yet to make a final decision on the sale and the talks might not conclude successfully. According to the two sources, the company is still trying to manufacture at home its in-house designed high-end Kirin chips which power its smartphones.

“Huawei has learned there are unsubstantiated rumours circulating regarding the possible sale of our flagship smartphone brands,” a spokesman said. “There is no merit to these rumours whatsoever. We have no such plan.”

The source also says that the company’s latest plans for the two high-end brands were motivated by insufficient chip supplies.

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  1. OMG. This is so awful. I am so scared of it.

  2. Exciting news! Huawei’s strategic move to potentially sell part of its smartphone business demonstrates a dynamic approach to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. This decision not only showcases their commitment to innovation but also opens doors for new possibilities. Just like exploring a variety of business card images, Huawei seems to be creatively shaping its future, ensuring continued success in the global market. This bold step reflects resilience and a forward-thinking mindset, ensuring a positive trajectory for the company and its offerings. Cheers to Huawei’s transformative journey!

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