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The Funniest Bernie Sanders Memes Making Rounds On Kenyan Social Media

Bernie Sanders
Image Courtesy @Droid254

The United States President’s Inauguration is a pretty huge deal. Leaders from all over the world are asked to attend, celebrities and other selected VIPs. This includes former Presidents like Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. It also includes other running mates. This time, in as much as Barack and Michelle were stunning, Bernie Sanders took the show.

The Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

It’s not really about what he said or did at the inauguration, rather how he positioned himself and what he wore. The pictures taken showed him slouching on a chair clad in a heavy coat and even heavier mittens.

The heartwarming story behind Bernie Sanders' iconic Inauguration mittens |  WGN-TV

The pose was begging for attention from meme lords all over the world. One thing you can trust about Kenyans is that they do not let anything pass them. Thus the memes began.

Starting off with a banger Mr @JohnChege shows that Bernie is in fact as African as it gets. Being able to mix in seamlessly with our extravagant cultures.

In this next one, @VolumesonMax shows us how much talent Mr Bernie Sanders is sitting on. He could be cast in any of these popular movies.

The list goes on;

Something special from @MosesOkoth also tops the charts as he is already making merchandise from this Bernie Memetastrophy.

But for most of us who work long hours, we can all agree that Bernie means well;

You didn’t have to do him like this…

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