Kenyans Spent KES 16.29Bn On Work From Home Gadgets


The Coronavirus Pandemic actually had more implications on life than we thought. According to the Business Daily, Kenyans spent KES 16.29 billion in 2020 to import work from home gadgets. This includes laptops, smartphones, computers and networking devices to set up remote work stations.

Kenyans’ Response To COVID Restrictions

Since the pandemic took flight in Kenya on March 13 2020, things have significantly changed. Not only have they altered workplaces, but also the way meetings are conducted.

As a result, now companies and workers are prioritising investment in IT infrastructure to facilitate remote working and meetings. For instance, the likes of Twitter as an organisation are resorting to permanent work from home basis. This looks like a trend that is here to stay.

Now, most corporate meetings and seminars are on video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and the likes. Not to forget schooling from home which also requires similar amenities.

Not to mention entertainment and the likes, these meetings require capable laptops, phones, tablets and or lights to be able to handle them. That’s where all the money comes in.

“Companies have quickly figured out how to serve their customers and clients remotely, and there is no going back.” – Jacqueline Mugo- Executive Director, Federation of Kenya Employers

Here’s the table that depicts all the expenses:

Month 2019 2020
Apr 1,346 739
May 1,778 1,590
Jun 927 2,652
Jul 1,128 3,115
Aug 504 2,141
Sep 617 2,411
Oct 2,539 3,643
Total 8,840 16,290
How did you spend on tech in 2020?

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