Here’s a List of the Most Downloaded Apps in 2020. Which Ones Do You Have?

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Mobile app analytics fim, Annie has released its annual report on mobile trends for the year. This is year is quite different and interesting all the same. Why you ask? Well, because of how the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns affected our lives. Well, lets take a look at the most downloaded apps.

Most Downloaded Apps in 2020

When it comes to the top app downloaded worldwide in 2020, there’s a new king in town. You probably already know it. It’s TikTok. It takes the cup by jumping three spaces and overtaking Facebook. The analysis shows a combination of both iOS and Android downloads.

Another stunner is Zoom as it climbs 219 places to become 4th most downloaded app worldwide. Following closely is another video conferencing app, Google Meet.

Finally, in as much as Facebook Inc. takes a hit, 4 of its apps makes the top 10.

  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messeger

Most Downloaded Apps 2020

Aside from that, the report also highlights other notable changes and shifts that occurred in 2020, including:

  • Global spending across iOS and Google Play stores rose 25% to KES 11.2 Trillion in 2020.
  • Though Android has more users, Apple’s iOS App Store still managed to take 65 cents of every dollar of that KES 11.2 Trillion spent.
  • Games were the driving force behind that KES 11.2 Trillion too. Games across iOS and Android took 71 cents of every dollar,
  • In total there were 130 billion downloads of apps and games in 2020—a 10% growth year-over-year.
  • The time people spent in apps also grew in 2020, with the time spent in
    • business apps growing 200% YOY
    • video streaming apps growing 40%
    • games 35%
    • finance and shopping apps 25%
    • Social and communication apps 20%.

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