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iPhone 12
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iPhone 12 launched a while back and from what has been reported, you can tell that it was pretty much the most anticipated piece of tech in 2020. The latest flagship smartphone lineup from Apple had necks turning mostly due to the new design or rather one that pays homage to what we last saw with the iPhone 4.

The series has already started shipping in various markets across the world and some Kenyan stores are already lucky enough to show them off.

The smallest sibling, iPhone 12 Mini has impressed many and is set to retail at around KES 80,000 ($729) while the regular iPhone 12 launched at KES 91,000 ($829).  The bigger iPhone 12 Pro sells for about KES 109,000 ($999) with the Pro Max being the most expensive at KES 121,000 ($1,099). However, you might want to add a couple of digits to these prices knowing that there are no Apple stores in the country.

If you have some money lying around and wish to be the prestigious iPhone owner, there are a number of devices to choose from. Thankfully, there are lots of reviews that you can check out to help you decide which would be the best iPhone 12 model for you.

The Verge

There is no doubt that every reviewer is out to give a breakdown of the design and performance from the lineup’s models. If you want to really know what the cameras really have to offer especially for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, then The Verge is the place to go.

When it comes to placing software, performance and world-class design impressions, MKBHD and Dave Lee’s videos would be the best for you.


This not to say that you cannot go and check any other review out there as there are so many already.


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