Report Shows 90% of Kenyans Don’t Care About Data Protection Laws

Cyber Security Kenya

In a year when so many people are working from home, it’s not so scary to hear that 2020 recorded the highest jump in cybersecurity attacks on Kenyans. Records from Cyber Security Consultancy Serianu show that this is the worst outcome since 2018. It looks like, despite the data protection law being in force for nearly 12 months, most Kenyans are do not know how to affect the regulations.

Cyber Security Ignorance From Kenyans

There is a remarkable rise in the number of cybersecurity attacks. More than double from 23 million in 2019 to 51 million cases in 2020. However, the major problem lies in the fact that over 90 per cent of Kenyans have are not understanding the new Data Protection Act. Subsequently, they are neither considering its impact says Mr Joseph Mathenge, Serianu Chief Operating Officer.

Well, according to the Serianu report, 95 per cent of Kenyans are mostly ignorant about it. Even more so, less than half saying they are not remotely aware of its existence.

There is a rise in identity theft and cybersecurity attacks on Kenyans as a major form of fraud. With that in mind, it’s important to note that one of the major points is that the new Data Protection Act calls for cybersecurity vigilance.

Also, the report singles out medical records as particularly vulnerable. They explicitly note that health providers should be under closer scrutiny by the new data regulator. Mostly due to the sensitivity of the information they keep.

Kenya is at a crucial turning point.  There are multitudes of technologies that expose the general population’s personal information. So be careful with how you handle your data.

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