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Microsoft Plans To Add Support for Android Apps on Windows 10

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Microsoft is reportedly working towards supporting native Android Apps on its Windows 10 operating system.

According to a report from Windows Central, these apps are meant to be available through the Microsoft Store to users of the popular operating system.

“I’m also told that Microsoft is toying with bringing Android apps to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10,” stated Windows Central reporter Zac Bowden.

“I don’t know how far along this plan is or when it’ll ship, but I’m told it may show up in the 2021 timeframe.”

However, one of the biggest challenges of achieving this would be finding a way to integrate apps that rely on Google Play Service integration. This includes apps like Gmail and Uber.

Microsoft would probably need to find a way to support Google Play Services on Windows 10 in order to achieve this.

This functionality had been tested previously in 2015 when Microsoft announced Windows Bridge for Android. Unfortunately, this project was dismissed in 2016.

This development follows recent updates to Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ app that enables users to run Android smartphone apps on their PCs.

“Whether you need to quickly reply to a conversation, respond to your social posts, or order food, you can do it fast using your PC’s large screen, keyboard, mouse, pen and touch screen alongside your other PC apps,” Microsoft said in a blog while rolling out the update.

Additionally, the app is opened in its own window, which makes the experience feel similar to using a truly native app. The ‘Your Phone’ app uses a Wi-Fi connection to stream the app in question to your PC, which is what enables you to use these apps on Windows 10.

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