Uber Eats Finally Launches In Mombasa


It’s been two years since Uber Eats brought convenient eating Kenyans in Nairobi and now the convenience is travelling to the sandy beaches of Mombasa

Uber Eats Launches in Mombasa

As the second-largest city in Kenya, this coastal city is most popular for many reasons. This includes a vibrant mix of cultures and traditions leading to some of the most ground-breaking local coastal cuisine favourites that many enjoy.

“Making eating well effortless, every day for everyone is a top priority of ours.  We understand that many Kenyan’s are going through a lot owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, providing a means for them to generate an income as they navigate through this new normal is of the utmost importance.” says Nadeem Anjarwalla, General Manager for Uber Eats Kenya.

Safety Features

  1. Contactless delivery. This allows eaters to request that their deliveries be left on their doorsteps.
  2. An in-app safety checklist for couriers requiring them to confirm that they’ve taken additional safety measures. These include
    • sanitising their delivery bag
    • adhering to social distancing measures
    • following no-contact delivery instructions when dropping off an order
  3. A mask verification feature which will require them to take a selfie before they go online.
  4. For those with food allergies, the app has an allergen-friendly filter.
  5. Users can live-track their order in-app with GPS functionality. This is all while being able to check on the individual delivering the meal via a photo displayed on the app.

Local favourites that will be available include nyama choma, seafood and Muhogo.

How to order:

Eaters will be able to order meals on their phone or desktop.

  • Download the Uber Eats app from either the iTunes or Android app stores. If you cannot, order at
  • Sign up and enter the relevant details.
  • Select a restaurant or store, and choose what you want to order
  • Press “place order” and track your order right to your door
  • You will receive a receipt in your email address

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