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Man Loses Job After Racial Bias Video with David The Student Goes Viral


Kenyan comedian, David the Student now based in the U.S. as a Lyft Taxi driver encountered a racists couple and Twitter is going crazy over the viral video detailing the encounter.

David The Student Racial Bias Video

The video above details the entire scenario. In the video, we see David ferrying the couple home after their request for a cab through the Lyft App. Seems rather regular but the issue comes in when David asks them to wear a face mask.

After the request, the man then went hysterical and started calling him the ‘N’ word. He even seems to go further to relieve himself in David’s car.

Following this, David says the first thing that came to his mind is to record the whole incidence. Why? For fear of having the scenario flipped on him.

“For me, I was just thinking, get what exactly happened as they are going to flip this thing on me. I fear they will make it look like I attacked them,” he says.

What Happened After?

Following the incident, the man has since

  1. Been fired from his job
  2. Banned from ever returning to the bar whose parking the incident took place.
  3. Banned from using the Lyft App ever again


“There is no place for discrimination of any sort in the Lyft community. This behaviour is unacceptable. We have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community and are in touch with the driver to offer our support.” 

The man has since apologised for his behaviour claiming he had too much to drink.

“I humbly apologize for my behaviour towards David K. the Lyft driver on Tuesday night. I should have never said the things I said nor acted like a complete idiot. He didn’t deserve that. Nobody does. I had too much to drink and lost control of my tongue and I said horrible things that I truly regret.”

Further more, there’s a gofundme with the caption; turning their hate into my school fees.


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  1. It is easy to get into such traps if you stay around the majority groups.

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