Microsoft Teams Now Lets Users Have 24-Hour Video Calls For Free

microsoft teams
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Microsoft has lately been making moves to try and entice Zoom users over to Microsoft Teams and now a new feature might really push that forward. Teams has now introduced a new all-day video calling option that can be used for free.

This new feature adds on to the many others that had been brought in by the software giant since the beginning of this year. Users of both desktop and web versions of the platform are also allowed to create Microsoft Teams meeting for up to 300 friends and family that can run all day free of charge.

Additionally, users will not need a Microsoft account or the Microsoft Teams app to join calls as you can join free via a web browser. The platform will also support seeing up to 49 friends or family members in a gallery view or through its Together Mode feature that puts you side by side in a virtual environment.

These new features are clearly Microsoft’s ways to get families to connect as the holiday season approaches. So, we could possibly see a rise in usage of Microsoft on the app and web. On the other hand, Zoom still has its own 40-minute limit for free users.

To get started as a meeting host all you need to do is visit Microsoft’s new Teams web link and sign in with a Microsoft Account. Once you’ve created a video meeting you can simply share the link with friends and family, and they’ll be able to join via the web free of charge without needing a Microsoft Account.

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