OPPO Gives A Taste of The Future With Its Concept Rollable Smartphone and AR Glasses


It’s been quite clear that OPPO is serious about the future of personal tech and today’s event pretty much made it even clearer. At the INNO DAY 2020 event, the firm made sure to give its audience a look at some of its future devices. As ambitious as they looked, it was glad to know that the company doesn’t intend to be the third wheel when it comes to innovation.

The main highlight was the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset. The smartphone is built with a continuously variable OLED display that measures as small as 6.7 inches and as large as 7.4 inches. This form factor is the company’s and the industry’s first as everyone looks to add more to the already existing foldable handsets.

OPPO X 2021

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According to OPPO, the team behind it is working tirelessly to ensure that the display gives out “zero creases”. This will be made possible through the company’s custom-developed Roll Motor powertrain. This involves two drive motors built into the handset to “generate a constant force output that is used to retract and extend the display.

Those motors then ensure that that stress is equally distributed as the display rolls in and out.

The smartphone doesn’t require any kind of folding and the prototype clearly shows that users will not have to worry about a huge crease across the display. It is still not clear how slim the phone owing to the fact that it features lots of drivers and motors. However, the concept device shows that it won’t be as thick so we can be hopeful for OPPO to address that part.

OPPO AR Glass 2021

Augmented Reality has time and again proven to be the future when it comes to personal tech. A number of companies have been rumoured like Apple to be working on their own applications of the tech and OPPO did not want to be left behind.

OPPO AR Glass 2021

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So, the firm went ahead to show off its AR glasses concept product that has been in the works for a number of years now. According to OPPO, AR Glass 2021 is made to look compact and wearer-friendly by making 75% lighter than its predecessor.

Optics have also been improved via a new Birdpath optical solution that increases contrast by 53%, brightness uniformity by 98% and pixels per degree by 40%. The glasses feature a 0.71-inch OLED display that emits light for it to be refracted by a spectroscope to the human eye.

The device also features a set of binocular fisheye cameras that track hand movements in milliseconds. This will ensure that the glass recognises even a subtle movement of the finger joint as fast as possible.  Users will then be able to use interactive gestures for accurate selections and zooming in and out on objects.


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Voice control will also be possible based on Breeno, OPPO’s voice assistant.

The glasses will also offer multiple ways to interact when paired with a smartphone. Users will be able to just touch and swipe their smartphone screens to control the Glass.

I don’t know about you but these new devices definitely make it exciting to see what OPPO has installed. And as expected, this will definitely inspire some of its rivals to go crazy on its future devices.

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