Bolt Launches Web App For Users With Less Capable Smartphones

Bolt Web App

Bolt has today launched a Web App looking to make a cost-effective alternative for riders to request a trip on a web browser. The Web App is an option aiming at riders who have mobile phones with limited capabilities. This is in terms of

  • high-performance user experience
  • internal phone storage
  • prone to a weaker internet connection
  • are conscious of the amount of money spent on data or want to order a ride using their computer.

Bolt Web App

“At Bolt, we’re always working on making urban transportation more accessible and convenient. The option of using the Bolt Web App to request a ride is an all-inclusive step to have everyone enjoy the convenience of transportation. All while taking into account the concerns that relate to data costs, their cell phone capabilities, storage etc. Bolt Web App can work on any device that has a web browser. This includes tablets, laptops and even phones with a poor connection from time to time.” Says Ola Akinnusi, Country Manager at Bolt.

How it Works

You can access the it by

  1. Visiting The Site
  2. Inputting a cell phone number
  3. Submitting the OTP number sent to the cellphone number provided by the rider.
  4. Select the destination of their choice.

You can pay for the rides on the Bolt Web App in cash and using card options. Riders can still rate their trip and driver based on the quality of the ride.

Within the Web Application, there’s a variety of categories available, including Bolt, Bolt Lite, Bolt Protect, Boda, Bolt XL and Bolt Plus. It is available in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

“We assure customers there is a Bolt ride available around the corner for everyone irrespective of their means of mobile model or connections. Our users have another possibility to order affordable and reliable rides across the 16 urban centres where we operate,” adds Ola.

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