WhatsApp is Making it Easier To Delete Your Old Memes From Your Phone

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Anyone that spends a lot of time on WhatsApp can relate to having a chunk of old memes and videos filling up the phone’s storage space. Luckily, WhatsApp is now making it easier for users to clear up space right from the app.

Prior to this, WhatsApp already had basic functionality for clearing stored media, but now you get full-fledged data management. This is done by simply heading to WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage.

On the last page, you will be greeted with a new interface that categorises files by size. It also allows you to preview the items before choosing which to delete. Users can also select multiple files to delete while maintaining the ones you want to keep.

Additionally, the new feature also divides media into two major categories: files larger than 5MB, and files that have been “forwarded many times.”  Furthermore, WhatsApp will also now display a warning when your phone is running low on storage, prompting you to delete some media files.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has been making a number of changes over the last few months. This includes disappearing messages that went live earlier this week.

WhatsApp is also planning to enable businesses to sell products inside WhatsApp via Facebook Shops. This is an online store that was launched in May this year in a bid to offer a unified shopping experience across Facebook’s apps. The service will also be available for free with an aim of trying to draw new paying customers to its enterprise tools.

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