How To Borrow Airtime (Kopa Credo) on Airtel

Airtel Kenya

We can all relate to those instances when you need airtime to make an urgent call or send an important text but failed because you do not have enough airtime. Luckily, Airtel subscribers can access airtime on credit via the Kopa Credo service.

With Kopa Credo, users are offered airtime advance of up to KES 100 with the hope that they clear the amount once they top up again. The timeline within which you need to pay your airtime advance is 72 hours. If you fail to pay the advance amount within the 72 hours, you will be liable for a penalty.

Normally, if you fail to comply with this rule, you won’t be allowed to Kopa Credo with Airtel until you are done with repaying the advance. You can pay this advance by simply topping up your Airtel line with the exact amount of airtime or a higher figure.

You can make calls to any network with this airtime. In fact, you can use your Kopa Credo airtime to perform virtually anything you do with your regular airtime. You can buy Airtel data bundles, make international calls, or even subscribe to Airtel promotions and numerous other services.

To get Airtel airtime advance, you need to dial *310# on your Airtel line. You will be offered the following options:

  1. Select 1 for Kopa Credo
  2. Select 2 for Kopa Internet
  3. Select 3 for Kopa Unliminet
  4. Select 4 to check your debt balance
  5. Select 5 to verify your eligibility for Kopa Credo
  6. Select 99 to repay your airtime advance

An additional method of checking your Kopa Credo balance is by dialling the Airtel Kopa credo number *131#. You can also dial *310# to check the amount of airtime you owe.

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