Google Will Soon Let You Compare Apps Side By Side Before Downloading on the Play Store


In a recent discovery from the guys over at Android Police, it looks like the Play Store is experimenting with a new change. The change involves a showing of direct comparisons between similar apps to let users decide which best fits their needs.

App Comparison: Google Play Store

The “Compare apps” section will show up on individual app listings near the bottom of the page. It may be limited to a few apps for now but when it does appear, it displays popular apps that are similar to the current listing.

From here it then compares them based on things like ease of use and whether or not they support features like offline playback and casting. It kinda looks similar to Amazon’s way of comparing goods you want to purchase.

How it works

It looks like Google will use the data they collect when they ask simple questions to people who leave app reviews. With so many apps in the Play Store, it can be hard for the best ones to rise to the top. Comparing some of the choices side by side so users can see their options seems like a smart addition.

According to Android Police, there’s no telling when or if this will roll out more widely. It’s been spotted in beta versions under version 22.4.28 of the Play Store, but there’s likely a server-side component that determines whether the new app comparison section shows up or not.

Hopefully it hits the mainstream sooner rather than later — compared to the current Play Store app listing page this one seems like an update I will enjoy.

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