Safaricom Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Data and Voice Tunukiwa Bundles


Kenyan network operator Safaricom has today marked its 20th anniversary since it began operations in the country. The telco has seen exponential growth ever since, to become one of the biggest firms in an industry that has been dimmed fairly competitive with just a few firms.

To mark this anniversary, Safaricom PLC has chosen to involve its subscribers with the launch of a new voice and data bundle, at least for a limited period of time. Dubbed Tunukiwa [email protected], users can now get to purchase 20 minutes of talk time bundles with 20MB data at just KES 20.

All one has to do to access it is:

  1. Dial *444*20#
  2. Select Accept by keying in 1 and then press Send
  3. The KES 20 will be automatically deducted if you have sufficient airtime. Note that you will then have to choose to pay via either M-PESA, Oka Jahazi or Bonga Points.

“The focus is on Safaricom appreciating and celebrating its consumers who are family for the last 20 years. The [email protected] offer is available to everyone on the network at 20kshs, making it accessible to all regardless of their pocket-size,” partly reads a statement from Safaricom.

The 20th-anniversary celebrations will also see a number of Safaricom subscribers benefit from some offers. Starting tomorrow, 1 million customers will get free calls for up to 20 minutes on a daily basis for the next 30 days. These customers will also be chosen randomly and will receive an SMS notification if they are selected to get the offer.

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Additionally, those who have been Safaricom subscribers for over 20 years will receive 20GB data that will be valid for 7 days. This will happen tomorrow as well.

Safaricom will also be giving 20GB data to all 20-year-old subscribers. All these lucky customers will be notified via an SMS starting tomorrow once they receive their goodies.

Pochi La Biashara

The telco has also now aggregated all M-PESA services under a new USSD. By simply dialling *334#, subscribers will be able to access the whole M-PESA menu without having to go to the SIM toolkit.

safaricom 20@20

The menu also comes with a new service dubbed Pochi La Biashara where users can register to separate their business and personal transactions. The new option can be easily found listed as no. 8 on the bottom of the menu.

This new USSD comes in handy especially for those that need to access the mobile money service fast or those who use feature phones and cannot access the necessary apps.

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  1. Safaricom being one of the richest firms in kenya just giving bundles why not even 100 bob in stead?

  2. Hi, we are being conned by people sending safaricom link to 20 years customers. Please intervene. Now.protect us.

  3. *[email protected] Anniversary Prizes*

    Check if your number has been shortlisted by Safaricom to receive *KES 4,100* as part off their 20th Anniversary *prize giveaway program.

    *•Only Safaricom Users*

    Deadline: 2020-11-28

    Visit…….is thing real??

  4. iliked good work

  5. Don’t forget me am also customer

  6. We will appreciate ua offers again en again

  7. Safaticom the better option

  8. You are my best option

  9. Your caring customer very well safaricon is the better option

  10. Thank you for your daily service I love your offer to me I enjoy safaricom

  11. 0795133667 kindly celebrate together with me safaricom the better option

  12. I celebrate safaricom and always will …safaricom has always been a close friend to many, supporting the needy and moreover has been able to equalize between the rich and the less fortune.Kenyans appreciate you safaricom …you’re the only Best.

  13. Nice

  14. Thanks for Safaricom Foundation thecbetter option

  15. I love safaricom forever

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  21. Celebrating ubly with you .the best better option for a developing country

  22. Safaricom is where my life to be always.

  23. Those who used saf.for 20yrs? Are they not using mpesa like me …ole wenu saf,,,ntaamia Airtel…ndo nimeanza na planketi

  24. Am I shortlisted for the cash prize?

  25. Even me I’m customer please

  26. Am customer too. You are my better option

  27. I can’t imagine that I always spend over 300 bob per week on purchasing data bundles and you safaricom you can’t even celebrate with me😔😔

  28. A m Iisted

  29. yes please give us another 20GB bundles

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