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Beware of This Safaricom At 20 Anniversary Scam On WhatsApp


Without fail, shady Kenyans are at it again, this time around trying to scam people following Safaricom’s 20th-anniversary celebration.

The new scam doing rounds on WhatsApp claims to be giving away KES 4100 as part of a Safaricom giveaway program. The perpetrators are convincing people that they should check whether their phone number has been shortlisted to receive the cash price.

Safaricom scam whatsapp

A screenshot of the scam being shared on WhatsApp

Like a previous scam that we highlighted before, the minds behind this scam are not only creative but pretty smart as they have used Safaricom’s official brand colours, their new promotional font and even tried to mask the scam by using a domain that closely matches the title of their scam.

We have reason to believe that this scam is related to that “Safaricom Spin” scam that claimed to reward people 3800 bob for spinning a wheel online. Like that one, this new “Anniversary” scam has gotten few things right that could lure unsuspecting victims:

  1. The layout: The outward User Interface is very Safaricom-esque. They have the right shades of green, good looking fonts and high quality ‘images’.
  2. The Link is also more appealing than most other scams
  3. Finally, Facebook comments and a like counter to give you the confidence that others have won too.
Safaricom scam website

This is how the scamming website looks like

And just like the Spin scam, the scam artists have failed on some aspects. Especially when you get into the actual step of getting the money they claim to be rewarding you:

  1. Get verified by inputting your number (inputting fake numbers still gets you verified)
  3. Click the link specific to the phone and then… nothing
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Risks within this Scam
  1. They are collecting your phone numbers: This means you might soon be receiving some spam messages
  2. Vulnerability to online/cyber attacks: You are never too sure what information they might be able to collect.

How they benefit:

So apart from collecting phone numbers, they are also getting money through the affiliate links. Don’t let them scam you too.

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