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Fact Check: Video of President Uhuru Dancing in a Crowd Without a Mask is “Fake News”

Uhuru Dancing Fake News
Image Courtesy BBC

The one issue I have with humans using social media is their inability to take a moment to fact check their posts. Take for example this most recent case. Users on Facebook and Twitter have been sharing a video of President Uhuru Kenyatta dancing at an event without a mask and terming it as ‘the political class toying with ‘COVID-19’.

Fake News: Video of Uhuru Dancing without a Mask

For example, one @bob_odhiambo is taking matters into his own hands. He is condemning President Uhuru Kenyatta for not caring about the safety of others.

See how the political class is playing around with COVID19. (This is even) as CS Mutahi Kagwe continues to blame the “youths” for flirting with it. The political class where Mutahi Kagwe belongs is not to be blamed.

In as much as the user has the ‘right’ to call out misbehaviour during these trying times, one has to have done the research before going to guns blazing.

Upon further investigation from our end, we find out that this video is from a very long time ago. 2017 to be exact. A quick YouTube search and we find the full video with the date and everything. Here it is;

This is probably the reason why Twitter is going ahead to flag and block Fake News around the world and Kenya is no exception. Be careful out there with what you post and do a little research before you trend for the wrong reasons..

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