Samsung Takes Back Top Place in The Global Smartphone Market


After what had been a really interesting year in the global smartphone market, things might finally be getting back to normal. Samsung reportedly regained its top position in the market as of August after losing the crown to Huawei earlier this year.

According to the report from Counterpoint Research, Samsung enjoyed 22% of the monthly of the market share. In fact, this is the highest figure to be reached by any manufacturer.

Unfortunately, Huawei slipped into the second position globally with 16% market share. This also accounted for a significant decline from April when it surprisingly took over as the leader with 21%. The second runner up, Xiaomi, saw a steady increase taking 11% of the market share as of August 2020.

Of all firms, Samsung had clearly been suffering heavily from the ongoing pandemic since April. The South Korean giant had seen a temporary downfall due to government restrictions across the world. However, the company seems to have rebounded as some of its major markets began to recover from the lockdown. Samsung adopted aggressive online marketing strategies in many countries in a bid to get sales back on top.

Meanwhile, the decline on Huawei’s side saw the gap between the top two widen due to decreasing smartphone sales of Huawei. This pales in comparison to the events of early 2020 that saw Huawei increase sales in its home market China at an impressive rate.

On the other hand, Apple has managed to keep its momentum steady with 12% share in the global market. The report goes further to predict an increase in sales following the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup. That will probably be only seen in November when worldwide shipping begins. Luckily, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 sales helped Apple keep things steady and will continue to do so till then.

“Geopolitical policies and political affairs among nations are affecting the smartphone market in many ways. There will be heightened marketing activity to seize opportunities in these regions and segments. As a result, the concentration of top players in the smartphone market will be much stronger. We see players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo benefiting the most,” said Minsoo Kang, an analyst at Counterpoint Research.

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