Google Camera Go Now Has Night Mode For Budget Smartphones

camera go night mode
Image courtesy SoyaCincau

Google Camera Go launched a few months ago with aim of having a trimmed down version of the Pixel’s Google Camera app. The app has been gradually rolling out to budget Android One smartphones like Nokia 1.3. And as you would expect, there isn’t as much to the app as it does not include most of the cool features that you’d find on the full-blown Google Camera app.

However, Google has been quietly working to bring new features to the app. This is in order to give entry-level smartphone users a taste of Google’s photography expertise. The company had apparently been working to bring HDR support on the Google Camera Go app.

As we await the feature to make its way to users, Google has now announced that it’s introducing Night Mode to the app. According to the video from Google, work is still being done to bring HDR support on the app. This will allow users with entry-level devices to click images with a better dynamic range.

Even though the company hasn’t revealed a timeline for the release of the HDR feature yet, it will still be interesting to see how Night Mode actually works on budget devices.

Camera Go is deeply integrated blended into the phone’s camera set up so as not work like a typical third party app. This ensures that it gets the original image quality that the lens captures. Furthermore, it allows for entry-level (budget) phones to take ‘Portrait Mode’ photos. The app still feels new for budget smartphones as most of these features are known more for midrange and flagship devices.

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