Google’s New App Wants To Make Budget Smartphones Take Better Photos

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Google just announced a new camera app meant for Android Go smartphones. Dubbed, Camera Go, the app is meant to basically cater to people who are using smartphones for the first time.

It comes with a user-friendly interface for anyone to easily navigate through. According to Google, it will be first experienced on the recently launched Nokia 1.3 that also runs on the power and data saving Android Go.

This will then be followed by a wider rollout on more Android Go devices that are currently more than 100 million globally. However, only 28 countries will be lucky to get it straight after launch.

How Camera Go Works

Camera Go will be deeply integrated blended into the phone’s camera set up so as not work like a typical third party app. This will ensure that it gets the original image quality that the lens captures.

Furthermore, it allows for entry-level (budget) phones to take ‘Portrait Mode’ photos. The feature will be new for the devices as it is currently found on mid-range and premium segment of phones.

That, as described by Arpit Midha (Google’s Lead Product Manager) will “democratise photography for the entry-level”. The app is also generally meant to improve the quality of images captured by Android Go devices.

The app will also be integrated deep within Android Go so as to work favourably with other apps like Gallery Go. This will help people organise their photos without ever sending data to the cloud.

Camera Go will eventually be made available to more than 1,600 individual models, covering over 180 countries. A significant fraction of these phones is actually found in Kenya, 53% of which are owned by women.

The app’s introduction comes shortly after the launch of Nokia 1.3 that runs on Android Go. It packs an 8MP rear camera as well as 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

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