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Power of Social Media: Equity Bank Refunds Missing 900K To Customer’s Account


The power of social media should not be taken lightly. A month ago, ArtCaffe was caught in a rather unpleasant position planning to gift winners of their competition with ‘exposure’. Social media managed to turn that into KES 100,000 and a paid internship. And now, Twitter takes the cake again with another great save. Less than a day ago, we talked about issues Equity Bank has been having with their clients. The most significant one being the latest case where an old widow lost KES 900,000 to conmen parading as Equity Tellers.

Equity Horror Stories Turned Miracle

In a rather fraudulent scam claim, Asnael Moturi detailed how an Equity bank agent in Kisii collaborated with fraudsters to clear KES 900,000 in his sick mother’s account. All through her Equitel line.

He took to Twitter to complain and seek help from his fellow Kenyans and they did not disappoint. This morning, Kenyans on Twitter have been treated to a fine sight of good news.

In the tweet, he notes that their problems were heard and all issues resolved. The thought on many peoples minds is whether the mother is going to move banks. However, that does not seem likely. He goes on to say;

Equity bank commits to improve its systems and listen to consumer feedback. We shall continue being loyal members of the bank as they listened to our concerns and fully addressed them.

Is That All Social Media Can Do?

Now that this one case has been sorted, does that mean that we forget about everyone else who had similar issues before? Unfortunately for most, when it comes to social media, it does not work for everyone.

It’s sort of a lucky break for some. We saw a similar case with NCBA where a lady aired her issues and hundreds of others came out to make noise about the same.

It’s quite imperative for these teams, companies and telcos to take every issue as seriously as the next one. As KOT we should also try to push for equality among all the issues. Big and small.

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