Horror Stories of How Equity Bank Customers Lost Money


Equity bank has been under fire over myriads of fraudster claims and now another customer has come out to seek justice.

Equity Bank Horror Stories

900K Missing: Here’s Exactly What Happened

In a rather fraudulent scam claim, Asnael Moturi details how an Equity bank agent in Kisii collaborated with fraudsters to clear all the money in his sick mother’s account. All through her Equitel line.

Her account was swept clean by suspected equity-linked fraudsters and below is the twitter thread explaining what happened.

The widow initially visited the Equity Bank to replace her ATM card. While doing this, the guys at Equity suggested that instead of ATM, she should use an Equitel sim card for easier accessibility.

Asnael states that his mother signed up for an Equitel line, recording a total of KES 900,000 in her account. After the process, the agent advised his mother to switch her phone off for 24hrs. Then they will call her the following day to activate her sim card to finish the whole process.

According to the information, after the lady went home and switched on her phone the following day they called her, asked her a few questions and 2 hours later, her money had vanished.

The whole ordeal has left him and his mother in a horrible state seeing as that was all the money they had. It also begs the question and suspicion as to whether Equitel has customer data protection.

They have however already reported the matter to both Equity and the Police.

“So today I reported officially to equity bank and recorded a statement with the police. The bank is yet to commit itself to restore the account to its original position.”

In their defence, Equity said that it must be an ‘Engineering Issue’. Assume of that as you wish. The revelations attracted a lot of anger from twitter users who came to lash out at the bank over its recent series of related cases. The #boycottequitybank is still trending and many are bringing out their stories.

It’s Not only on the Equitel Line

A few others who have fallen prey to the Equity Bank alleged fraudulent schemes;

Here’s another story of a man who almost lost KES 180,000 due to a ‘teller error’.

Are you a victim of these scams to?

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  1. Equity bank I lost 105 171 ksh on 11th November 2021 .used mpesa# 079507854.caller phone# 0101993445 which is still on please help.

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