Airtel Amazing Data Bundle Promotion Offers Customers up to 15GB Free Data

Airtel Kenya

In response to the demand for affordable data products, Airtel has announced a new data bundle promotion. According to the Telco, the promotion will see its customers enjoy up to 15GB of free data.

Airtel Free Data

The new daily, weekly and monthly data promotion will allow customers to get 500MB free data daily. This is depending on their data plan of choice.

Here’s How it Works

There’s two ways to go about this:

  1. Weekly Free 3.5GB – 500MB is awarded on a daily basis for 7 days.
  2. Monthly Free 15GB – 500MB is awarded on a daily basis for 30 days.

Also note that free WhatsApp has a limit of 50 MB per Day.

Practical Example

Airtel has a bundle that constitutes you paying KES 1000 to get 12GB for a month. Now in addition to this, you will get free 500MB daily for 30 days. Thus in total, you will have 27GB worth of data at the end of the month.

By getting the free data, Airtel customers will, in theory, enjoy faster data speeds through the 4G network. All whilst paying less and saving more.

In a statement, Airtel Kenya Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma said;

“As a company, we are cognizant of the prevailing trying times we are living in. We understand that our customers’ needs have increased substantially. It’s on this premise that we continue to offer our customers great value for money through our products and services.

We are currently in the midst of a major rollout of new 2G/3G/4G sites across the country. This is to ensure that our existing and new customers who join the network, will enjoy industry best data offerings. I am confident that our consumers will love this new offering as it gives extra data to all our consumers irrespective of whether they are daily, weekly or monthly bundle users.”

This looks to be in the same line with Safaricoms’ own free 500mb data package.

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