OPPO Reportedly Working On A New Round Smartwatch With Curved Display

Image courtesy LetsGoDigital

OPPO is clearly making efforts to venture further into the world of smartwatches. This is after the company launched the critically acclaimed OPPO Watch.

Well, it now seems like OPPO is looking to add on to the line-up with another model but with a different form factor. We all know how much round-faced watches are usually on demand in comparison to the square-shaped. The Chinese giant is reportedly on its way to building one thanks to a patent that was published earlier this week.

The patent that was filed in 2019 with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) shows a watch with a rounded display built on a rectangular housing. According to the report from LetsGoDigital, the watch also features numerous sensors at the back which are likely to monitor heart rate and more.

Like the current OPPO watch, the sides feature a button and a digital crown that are necessary for basic controls. However, it is still not known whether the company is planning on actually launching such a wearable gadget or whether it is just covering all bases.

As it stands, the company has patented three variations of this model with the first featuring a rounded 3D curved display on a rectangular housing. The others spotted a more square-shaped flat display.

The last one was a fully rounded 3D curved display but built upon a circular housing, with a unique looking aesthetic that would probably be paired with kinds types of straps.

Despite the uncertainty, it would surely be interesting to see OPPO make an effort to move away from the shadow of Apple Watch that the current iteration still lives under.

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  1. It is funny to read about the Oppo Watch labeled as “the shadow of Apple watch”. Was the rectangular watch shape invented by Apple? No. Were there any other rectangular watches produced before Apple watch arrived? Yes, many. Who’s shadow is the Apple watch then?

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