Fraudsters Nabbed With 600 SIM Cards, 96 IDs and Bank Agent Transaction Records


The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) reported the arrest of two people in Machakos suspected to be M-PESA fraudsters.

23-year old Kevin Sagini Oroko and 27-year old Dominic Otiso Nyabuto were apprehended from their premises at Miwani Estate within Machakos town. The two, who are currently in lawful custody, were also found with loads of illegally owned merchandise. This includes over 600 Safaricom and Airtel SIM cards, 96 Kenyan national identity cards and six mobile phones.

The duo is expected to appear in court although it is not clear when. But if we can draw anything from the evidence, it is scary to imagine what the suspects had been cooking up in their hideout.

Other than the phones and cards, DCI detectives confiscated KCB Inua Jamii Cash Transfer Cards, 16 Bank Agent Transaction Registers, two gambling machines, and a laptop among other electronic equipment.

The DCI has been busy for the better part of this year breaking down schemes by criminals in the digital sector.

This included various warnings about fraudsters sending scam messages with links that help access devices when clicked.

Apparently, these links have been used by attackers to access various kinds of information including banking credentials, email addresses and passwords, photos and contacts. Subsequently, these can be used for cyberbullying, theft or even extortion.

Interestingly, these scam messages have been made as attractive as possible with some convincing words splashed around to prompt unsuspecting victims to click.

This also came alongside a notice for people to avoid using free WiFi or purchase of substandard items. Sharing personal financial information with anyone is also discouraged. Kenyans are also advised to be careful of doorstep deliveries from online retailers as some of these could be done by criminals with an otherwise intent.

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