Youtube Shorts Finally Announced As Google’s New TikTok Rival

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YouTube has finally announced its new short-video sharing service set to compete with the popular TikTok. Dubbed YouTube Shorts, the app will allow you to shoot short clips on your mobile devices, edit and share them.

However, not everyone can access the app just yet since Google is launching an early beta in India first. The trial version will launch with a handful of new creative tools in order to test it out.

YouTube has also promised more features will be brought in as the development process progresses. Additionally, the app will be rolled out for testing in more countries in the next few months.

The tools include a multi-segment camera, which will allow you to string multiple videos together. This is alongside the option to record with music and control the playback speed. The last tool will allow you to add a timer and countdown to record hands-free.

The app also features a segment called ‘Get Discovered’ that users can get to explore various videos from creators of their choice.

Google has noted that YouTube Shorts will begin to roll out on Android first and follow on later for iOS users.

Obviously, the whole setup simply screams “TikTok competitor”. But you can also understand Google’s attempt to introduce the app at a time when TikTok is in some hot waters with the U.S. government. Nevertheless, all this ould change as various American companies look to acquire TikTok to avoid the ban.

Whether YouTube Shorts will be able to win over creators is a whole other story that will just have to wait and see.

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