How To Check For Planned Power Interruptions From KPLC

KPLC Power Interruptions

Power interruptions from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company(KPLC) have been a lot more recently. This is owing to the fact that there is a lot of power consumption in the country. Many more people are spending time at home, including the kids. So the TV is always on, the microwave constantly buzzing and we’re almost always charging a device.

Whenever there’s a power outage in our house, there is utter chaos. This means there is no school for the young ones, no work for the adults and worst of all, the food in the fridge is taking a hit.

It would be great if you knew exactly when the power would go right? Well, but for common area problems, KPLC will inform you when your area is scheduled for a power outage.

How To Check For Planned Power Interruptions From KPLC

The first way is through Twitter. Their ‘Care’ page is always updated with the latest information stating where and when power outages will occur.

It’s all arranged in time, date and specific areas affected. Take for example today’s tweet:

The second way is by checking their official website.

  1. Go to the KPLC Official site
  2. Click on customer service and scroll down to Power Interruptions
  3. Click on the day you want to check and it will give you the relevant information

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