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iOS Users Reject Data Saving Facebook Lite App

Facebook Lite

It’s been 5 years since Facebook released Facebook and Messenger Lite apps for Android. Responding to requests to release the app to iOS, the company made it live in mid-2019. The was to ‘consume considerably less space’ and mobile data on smartphones.

Both the Android and iOS version were only 10MB and designed to use less mobile data by optimizing and showing fewer images. The idea is pretty solid and a lot of user around the world would like this right? Wrong!! It looks like Facebook Lite is being disabled for iOS already.

Facebook Lite Says Bye Bye

According to MacMagazine, the app is seeing it’s final days for iOS users. It may not be affecting everyone concurrently but the shutting down process has begun.

In fact, the Facebook Lite app doesn’t even appear in the App Store anymore. However, the Messenger Lite app is still available. Speaking to Facebook, this is what a representative had to say;

Due to the limited adoption and improvements we’re making to enhance the experience of people in our apps, we will no longer support Facebook Lite for iOS.

With iPhones handling more space in their devices and becoming faster and more powerful, it makes sense for the company to call it quits on the iOS version. As for Android, we are not too sure if that would happen. They cover the budget market and budget phones work better with lighter apps.

From this, it looks like the company is striving to optimize the core app to offer a smoother experience. This means it will essentially be able to consume less mobile data and take up less space on your phone.

We’re not sure yet how it will compare to the Lite version, because of the features that are necessary to embed in it.

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