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Twitter Looks To Bring In Automatic Translation Feature

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Once in a while, there are those tweets that we want to really read but just can’t. And even Twitter allows us to translate, it just gets to be processed longer than expected. Well, it looks the social media site is looking to make it much easier.

Twitter has begun testing a new feature meant to automatically translate tweets on your homepage.

This was revealed by Twitter Brazil in a post on Monday, stating, “To make it easier to understand the conversations you follow on Twitter, we’re experimenting with automatic translation for Tweets in other languages ​​that appear on your homepage. We know that it can sometimes take a long time to translate Tweet by Tweet into different languages ​​and stay on top of what is relevant to you.”

The feature is quite straightforward. Currently, if you wish to get a tweet translated, you have to click a link. But with this new feature, two different variations of automatic translation are being tested.

“When accessing the home page, a group of people will start to see all Tweets written in different languages translated into Portuguese. One part of the group will see the translated text and can click to return it to the original language, while the other part will view the translation and the original text in the same Tweet in a standard way. If a Tweet is translated, it will have the warning “Translated from English by Google” or “Translated from English by Microsoft”,” the statement reads on.

Some tweets will get translated automatically for you to read. Others will be translated and placed alongside the original text. Considering that it is still on beta, it is likely that Twitter hasn’t still settled on the best option for translation.

As said earlier, the feature is only available in Brazil. However, we should expect it to be tested in other countries and hopefully be made official globally.

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