KenGen Reveals Plans To Set up Electric Car Charging Facility

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Kenyan power generator KenGen has begun investing in electric car charging system as it looks to find new streams of revenue.

This was revealed by the company’s Strategy and Innovation Director David Muthike on Monday through a webinar convened by Energy Society of Kenya. The executive said that the firm is positioning itself to the possibilities of the rollout of electric public service vehicles. This is as the government also eyes to reduce the country’s reliance on diesel.

“The case to have electric vehicles is there and KenGen is ready to support that with renewable energy,” said Mr Muthike in the webinar.

“On innovation, we are exploring to participate in manufacturing and we have also rolled out charging infrastructure with a pilot within our premises.” However, no details about the facility’s location were revealed.

The project is also an effort by KenGen to generate revenue from electric car owners who require to recharge their vehicles. But we should consider the fact that the tech is still growing gradually in the country.

Electric vehicles have been gaining popularity in the U.S. and various European countries as the world turns to cut down on carbon emission. In Kenya though, the adoption of electric vehicles still struggles. Additionally, the tech faces various struggles like insufficient charging infrastructure and energy-storing batteries.

Hopefully, this project by the parastatal will open a gateway for electric vehicle ownership in the country.

After all, neighbouring nations like Rwanda are already collaborating with European automotive brands to inject the usage of electric vehicles.

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