First Look At The 85-Inch 8K Neo QLED Samsung TV!

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  1. You Just switch off Recommendations on Apps Settings and you don’t see the ads anymore.

  2. I’d previously tried to switch off those recommended Ads and your solution worked. Thank you

  3. Very fantastic

  4. Your article has saved me. I now see myself opting for a Huawei device!

  5. In this phone I’m struggling with the stuttering performance. It takes ages to switch to see my text messages and between screens, sometimes the icons on my home screen disappear only to reappear after a few seconds. Very irritating.

  6. I have had the best experience with the phone. Give it some credit, it is a fantastic budget phone. I respect your reviews especially since it is based upon experience but I feel like it deserves more credit.

  7. Perfect phone and very classy…. I love it 👌👌👌 Note 9s all the way

  8. I use the Note 9s… I don’t think I will need any kind of phone or change this brand in a thousand years to come…
    The ads can be turned off… It’s no big flaw as u put it!
    I guess u just needed a catchy headline to get us to click!
    …and like u said, this phone is unique

  9. One thing that you didn’t mention is that Xiaomi is a very good environment for anyone whose technical enough. They offer a very easy bootloader unlock request(if don’t mind the wait time). Unlocking this offer’s up a large amount of possibilities, from running the latest AOSP from Google to switching to the American ROM which doesn’t have any Ads

  10. Av used the device since June…so far so great…

  11. Lack of Google services and apps is a letdown

  12. All new Huawei, Tecno, Infinix and Samsung have ads. At least with Xiaomi you can turn them all of them off. In addition, you can disable internet access for new apps and change the setting later. This will further block ads from newly installed apps and games. I haven’t seen any other phone with built-in firewall.

  13. Thanks!!!

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