iPhones Are Selling More Despite Global Smartphone Market Decline

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Despite the huge surprise everyone woke up to yesterday, it is clear that the global smartphone market continues to take hits from the ongoing pandemic. As predicted earlier, the global market declined by 14% in Q2 2020.

A total of 285 million smartphones were shipped across the world. This is now the second consecutive freefall, as lockdown orders persisted through April and May.

Huawei did take the top place overtaking Samsung for the first time in the worldwide smartphone market. The Chinese company shipped 55.8 million units while Samsung follows with 53.7 million in Q2 2020.

And while we would choose to gloss over Huawei’s victory, you should note that Apple was the only company that registered growth. The American company shipped 45.1 million smartphones iPhones globally, seeing a 25% growth compared to 2019.

“Apple defied expectations in Q2. Its new iPhone SE was critical in the quarter, accounting for around 28% of its global volume, while iPhone 11 remained a strong best-seller at nearly 40%. iPhone SE will remain crucial to propping up the volume this year, amid delays to Apple’s next flagship release,” said Canalys Analyst, Vincent Thielke.

Like Huawei, it seems that China might have been a catalyst for Apple’s growth. The firm hit impressive results there, growing by 35% to reach 7.7 million units.

However, the market is expected to gradually recover going forward from here. But companies will have to strategise on how to go around the ongoing crisis.

“Smartphone companies need to adapt rapidly to the ‘new normal’ of the pandemic,” said Senior Analyst, Ben Stanton. “As lockdowns ease, many countries allowed offline retail stores to reopen, but footfall remained low. Going forwards, vendors will need to switch channel focus at short notice, to adapt to second-wave outbreaks. In addition, geopolitical uncertainty also hangs over the global smartphone market.

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