Safaricom Partners With Betika To Offer Free Access To The Betting Site

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We would definitely not be the ones to promote gambling but it is clear that lots of Kenyans are accustomed to it. At a time when most sports leagues are trying to get back to operation, there’s no doubt many people are getting back to the various sites. To access them you need data bundles, which is a fairly costly commodity in the country.

Well, it looks like one site, Betika, is looking to attract more users with a new offer. The site announced its new partnership with Safaricom which will offer users zero-rated access. You can read more about Betika’s bonuses and get to know how to use them on Bet Helper. This is part of the site’s campaign dubbed #TurudiUwanjani. 

The offer, named ‘Betika Bila Bundles’ that will enable customers to visit the site and place their bets without the need for data bundles. One will also not need an internet connection to place a bet or view and analyse the various games.

“With this offer, Betika has partnered with the leading Telco Safaricom to offer its customers free access to the Betika website. This means that Betika customers will no longer require to have data bundles to place a bet or view and analyze games on the Betika website. This will save Betika customers money on mobile data and increase their chances of winning their bets by allowing them to spend as much time as they need analyzing the games before placing a bet,” the statement reads.

According to a source from Safaricom, the telco does offer a product called sponsored data. This allows companies/businesses to pay all data charges for their users. This is basically what Betika did to allow its users to have zero-rated access to its website.

Of course, this would bring up the question of why Kenyans would need to risk their money at these difficult times.

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