FIFA 21 Full Reveal Coming Next Month. Here’s What You Can Expect

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EA Sports has already kicked off marketing for the upcoming FIFA 21. And as always, many promises have been made. A lot of changes have been promised to come to the 2021 instalment of the football simulator.

Whether it’s true or not, one thing that players across the world have asked for is for refining to the career mode. Sure, FIFA 20 wasn’t as bad but there were aspects that brought up complaints especially a few weeks after last year’s game launch.

Well, EA Sports has gone ahead to detail some of the alterations that will be taking place in the fan-favourite mode.

Reportedly, FIFA 21 will give players the freedom to make key manger-like decisions along with enjoying an enhanced computer opposition.

The most attractive update would be the inclusion of the interactive match sim feature. This will allow you to jump in out and out of matches at will in order to make management decisions. This will also include the ability to take penalties or free-kicks at sim matches especially at crucial moments of the match.

Additionally, the developers seek to make in-game players more robust by introducing a new growth system. Gamers will be allowed to experiment with a player’s position in different matches. As a manager, one will be able to make a right-back play as a  right-winger, depending on their growth in training.

The other feature would be that of an enhanced opposition AI. This will give the AI ability to take more “informed decisions” while attacking or defending. With this, you can then expect matches to get tougher as you will have to face a stronger resistance to your play.

A new attribute dubbed ‘match sharpness’ has also been introduced. This will help you see how well players on your team perform during the most tactical moments. This will come alongside a better active training system meant to help you change players’ sharpness.

Interestingly, the transfer market will also be getting a revamp with the introduction of a player swap proposals. Gamers will also be able to set up a financial takeover o make a loan-to-buy deal.

All this will be brought to the light next month as EA Sports brings out FIFA 21’s full reveal.

The game will be launched for release on October 9th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We just really hope that the game lives up to the hype and earns some redemption from the damage of FIFA 20.

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