How To Watch Today’s Xbox Series X Live Event

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Microsoft has set its Xbox Series X first-party games showcase event today July 23 at 7 pm Kenyan time. This would be the second event after the May presentation that was devoted exclusively to third-party games.

Today’s broadcast will focus on the console’s games specifically from Microsoft’s own studios. So, of course, we will be seeing Xbox’s exclusive Halo Infinite teaser.

The event will be streamed live on YouTube on various channels to reveal and discuss everything about the big video games. This includes Xbox’s own channel as well as Gamespot’s and IGN.

What To Expect

Despite the fact that most of the planned event is still under lock and key, there is some of what we can expect from the July 23 stream. Xbox Games’ boss Aaron Greenberg explained earlier that the event will focus only on games. So, we should not expect details about hardware or even the price and launch date.

Luckily, the event will not last more than an hour, showing us trailers of the upcoming games. Moreover, the business side of the next-gen console will not be detailed.

Halo Infinite would be described as the heartbeat of today’s presentation as Microsoft has already started to seed the big reveal with teaser footage.

While the presentation is ostensibly a reveal event for big first-party Xbox Series X games, it’s worth remembering that none of them will be exclusive to the new console. The presentation will probably show off Xbox Series X versions of the games to show off the capabilities of the next generation, but Microsoft has committed to¬†no first-party exclusives for the first few years.

After all the games are showcased we obviously know that what follows is a whole lot of debate with PlayStation fans about whose exclusive games are better.

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