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5 Apps You Need While Studying from Home

Studying Apps
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It’s official. Schools are closed till 2021. However, this does not mean that learning stops. We have to keep our brains active and functional. With that in mind, lets’ look at 5 apps that will improve your focus, increase your productivity and help you while you’re studying from home.

5 Studying Apps

Class TimetableClass Timetable, Studying Apps

As you can guess, this app helps you organize your timetable. It’s a simple app that gets the job done. What we like about it is that its colour coordinated, you can set up multiple weeks and also set up assignments and reminders to do those assignments. Once you are done, you can tick them off.


Studying Apps

If there’s something I have a lot of is … no not money… unread tabs. I keep forgetting and sometimes end up closing them without having used them. Well, Pocket is a productivity app that lets you save web pages for reading later.

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that just a bookmarking tool turned into an application?” Not really though. Simply save the page (URL-based), assign a category if you want, and you’ll build a collection of resources in your Pocket account. The app essentially turns into a feed of things you actually want/need to read, learn or use for later.

QuizletStay up late with Quizlet Night Theme | Quizlet

With this app, you can create flashcards with bits of important information from your studies. Then with its unique learning technique, and come back later and learn from ‘yourself’ and your own definitions.

Forest and similar apps

Forest is a different kind of productivity app. Sometimes you need to get off of your phone and focus more on work. Apps like Forest can help. It basically gives you a reason to not use your phone.

When you use the app, you plant and take care of a tree. If you stop studying and use your phone for a different purpose, the tree dies. The app also lets you track your study time and how much you study.

The more time you spend studying, you collect coins which you can use to plant an actual tree somewhere.

EvernoteReconsidering Evernote in 2019 - MacStories


When it comes to apps to help you study, Evernote is a must-have. It allows you to keep all your notes organized and streamlined in one handy location. Hew, you can spice up your notes with audio recordings, links, checklists, attachments and more, making your study notes a multimedia extravaganza.

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