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Joan Kubai Calls Out Netizens For Privacy Invasion Over House Tour Clips

Joan Kubai

“We want a house tour Joan Kubai!” “Your house looks so nice. Can we get a tour?”  With such innocent requests, how could Joan possibly say no? I mean, it’s just a house tour, what could go wrong?

Joan Kubai House Tour

It’s safe to say that since the days of MTV cribs, many people have become accustomed to seeing international celebrities flaunt their houses. Not too many Kenyan personalities have hopped on the bandwagon. Until Joan happened.

According to Joan, some of her fans noted that her house was quite peculiar and they wanted a simple house tour. You know, like a get to know my house kind of thing. However, none of them expected the extraness that is the family’s mansion.

In her defence, it looks like she just wanted people to get to know where she lives. In my opinion, since it’s her norm, she did not think too much of it. Unfortunately, not too many Kenyans are used to having

  • 5 different living rooms each with a different purpose. It felt weird when one of them didn’t have a TV so they added one.
  • Ensuite rooms with over the top walk-in closets and separate rooms for the shoe racks
  • A kitchen in the master bedroom.
  • The main kitchen with two fridges, one for vegetables only
  • A flamboyant gazebo with outside washrooms (when the guests get too tired to walk all the way to the house)
  • Backyard with a swimming pool and enough room for small separate basketball and football courts

And this is just half of what the house is made of. Knowing Kenyans on Twitter well, this magnificent house tour could not fall under the radar. She has been at the top two trending spots in Kenya for just about two days now and Twitter cannot get enough of her.

Take a look at some of the tweets. At first, Kenyans took it as a comedic way to laugh off their misfortunes:

Many others went on to start ‘Beddsitter tour challenges’

Toxic Twitter

The problem is, Twitter did not stop at the jokes. In this age of social media fame and popularity, there’s a thin line between making it to the top and plummeting to the bottom.

Take for example Azziad, the Utawezana TikTok Star. Despite the mixed reactions of love and hate from her fans and haters, she has managed to pull through and make a brand for herself. The silver lining seems to have ended in Joan’s case.

There are now myriads of fake accounts, corruption allegations and just downright hate for the Kubai Family.

Fake Accounts

Take a look at those screenshots. These are just but a few of the tens of accounts that have been created today. As soon as she started trending, Instagram scammers went crazy.

There’s one specific account with over 30K followers already. It’s safe to say that many people have fallen for the fake account. This is crazy because Joan only has 23K so far. The same goes for Twitter as there are already at least 9 fake accounts using her name and pictures.

The accounts get into so much detail. They pick her profile picture, her bio and some of her pictures. It’s easy to note that these are fake if you were following her already.

If not, you’ll know it’s fake because the posts have only been up for two hours and she has been on the Gram since 2019. Also, her actual page has a lot more highlights and pictures.

The fake accounts pose a huge threat to her safety and her image as a social media personality. She already had a rather substantial following but since the ‘House Tour’ her social media presence is blowing up.

Invasion of Privacy

The story escalated to points where people were looking into their finances and how the father can afford the house. Even Edgar Obare jumped in posting these same types of speculations. Most people started saying that he stole the money and that the KRA are soon going after her family.

At this moment, many people are still unclear about who the father is. Some stating it is George Kubai, others thinking its Benjamin/ Peter Kubai. And that’s one of the major problems with this situation. Many people are jumping into unconfirmed conclusions.

Joan Calls Out The Netizens

The situation escalated to a point that Joan had to tell people to calm down. She posted a story asking people to stop speculating and stop creating fake accounts. It has the possibility to take the turn for the worst like the story for the COVID-19 patient zero.

Kenyans took to the ‘patients’ Facebook and uncovered stories of her from way back. Some of which was too much for her to handle. So far some videos have been taken down and some Instagram accounts shut down but we are yet to see a reaction from the rest of the family.

Thankfully, there are still some golden hearts out there that realize the severity of the situation.

A point of caution: Embrace maturity. Think about what you post before you post it. You never know what might be happening in the background to the people you are trolling on social media.

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