The New Windows Tool Lets You Recover Recently Deleted Files

Windows Recovery Tool
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Yesterday, Microsoft is released its own Windows File Recovery tool. The tool is designed to retrieve files you’ve mistakenly deleted. Note, mistakenly deleted. This means it will only recover files you recently deleted, not from 30 years ago.

Microsft Windows Recovery Tool

Windows File Recovery is a command-line app that will recover a variety of files. This includes documents from local hard drives, USB drives, and even SD cards from cameras.

The software has one requirement as of now, Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher. All you will need to do is update your Windows and you should be able to download it.

According to the reviews, it is not working for most of the people who have it. For some, it will not download and for others, it will not open or even work. We will test it and update the article once we confirm how well it works. You can download it from here and tell us if it works for you.

How It Should Work

It will recover files your local hard drive, USB, SD cards and even from a corrupted disk. It should even work even after you’ve formatted a disk.

It will work for those who have accidentally deleted an important document or wiped a drive clean by mistake. This means that if you deleted a file way before you got the software, it will not work. Also, if you take too long to retrieve a file, it may be overwritten and you may never see it again.

Microsoft already provides a Previous Versions feature in Windows 10 that lets you recovery documents you may have deleted. However,  you have to specifically enable this using a File History feature. The reason this does not work for many is that it is disabled by default.

These are the files you will be able to recover:

  • MP3 files
  • MP4 videos
  • PDF documents
  • JPEG images
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

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