Huawei’s Solar-Powered Classroom in a Truck Drives To More Counties

Huawei Digitruck
Image Courtesy Huawei

In an age where the internet is becoming one of the most important things about life, it looks like Huawei is quite literally driving the internet right to you. Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu outlined its vision at the Global Education Webinar entitled “Driving Equity and Quality with Technology”. Schools and skills development are the two key ways to improve equitable and quality education. For Huawei, this includes the DigiTruck.

Huawei DigiTruck

According to Huawei, 50% of the world’s population still does not have Internet access. Unfortunately, many people lack the skills needed to use digital devices and as a result, the digital divide in education continues to grow.

Their plans are to provide education for vulnerable groups in remote areas, especially female students. Ken Hu showcased the success of Huawei’s first truck in a classroom dubbed the DigiTruck in Kenya. 

The trucks are solar-powered, mobile classrooms with wireless broadband access. The DigiTruck is part of a program called ‘Skills on Wheels’. It has provided training for more than 1,500 young people and teachers in rural areas.

The company plans to replicate the program in France, the Philippines and three other countries in the next two years.  Olivier Vanden Eynde, CEO of Close the Gap, the global partner of DigiTruck, said.

The DigiTruck in Kenya is operated by Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK). It also works together with the Ministry of ICT’s Ajira initiative, Safaricom’s Blaze initiative, UNESCO and other partners.

What Do You Learn?

Huawei Digitruck

Participants learn how to

  1. Use computers and office software
  2. Use the internet to find and do work online
  3. Learn and develop their careers online
  4. Understand online safety
  5. Buy and sell their goods online

The success of the DigiTruck’s training in Bomet County shows how well the project worked. Huawei shared a video case study of Sharon Chepng’eno, who is deaf, but who has committed to take and implement the skills she has learned.

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