Netflix Users Can Now Remove Titles From The ‘Continue Watching’ Section

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If you are someone that spends almost 30 minutes looking for a good movie on Netflix, then you will be really glad for this new update. Once in a while, you do get irritated by the “Continue Watching” section that tends to get bogged down by a bunch of unwanted titles.

This is majorly why the streaming platform is introducing a new “removing from row” feature. This will now make it easier for users to delete rejected programs and focus on the series and movies you actually want to continue watching.

This feature can now be accessed by Android users with the latest version of Netflix. All one has to do is tap the three dots icon next to any title and choose “Remove From Row”. Other options alongside the function include the ability to see more information, download the next episode (if applicable), and rate the program.

According to Gadgets 360, the feature will be “coming soon” to iOS users. “We constantly look to make the Netflix experience more intuitive,” the company said in a statement to Gadgets 360. “The update to the mobile menu groups a few existing options—downloading a show or movie, rating it, or removing it from ‘Continue Watching’—and makes them more convenient.”

There is still no word about when the update will be rolling out to desktop users, but it wouldn’t be long before they get it as well. In the meantime, they are lucky enough to have the ability to remove titles from their viewing history (Account > Profile > Viewing Activity).

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