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After the long wait, it is finally happening. We have had months and months and being teased with tiny bits of information about the mysterious PlayStation 5 and we’re finally going to get a look at the console itself today- or at least the games that you’ll be able to play when it launches.

What’s certain is that the entertainment company wants to showcase the very first video games that will be able to play when PS5 launches.

Sony has surely a really good job when it comes to keeping the PlayStation5 under lock and key. Despite alleged leaks and rumours about the console’s details, the gaming company has taken its time in revealing info about its specifications.

This is unlike Microsoft that was quite fast in unveiling basically everything about the Xbox Series X console. We all know what the console looks like, its performance details and some of the games that will be compatible with it straight from launch.

All we know about the PS5 so far is the controller and one or two games that will be compatible with the console. Everything about the console’s design is the PS5 devkit that was leaked months ago. Hopefully, today’s event will finally pull the curtain back.

That said, the event is set to focus mostly on the games. According to Sid Shuman, senior director of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s content communications, the broadcast was recorded ahead of time and will run at 1080p and 30 fps (frames per second). This will, unfortunately, not represent the actual quality of the games. So we will most probably not be sure of the exact graphical and visual quality of these particular video games on the PlayStation 5 console.

To watch the event, be sure to tune into either PlayStation’s Twitch or YouTube channels. The broadcast starts at 11.00 pm Kenyan time (1 pm PDT/9 pm BST ) today. Any further information will be posted on the PlayStation website.

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