DStv Subscribers To Soon Access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video From Their Decoders

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DStv subscribers will soon be able to stream both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content right from their decoders. As of now, the service will be rolled out to South Africans first and then to the rest of Africa.

According to Multichoice, the company that owns DStv, they have come into agreement with the two streaming service to have Multichoice be an aggregator of their content.

“We have signed distribution agreements with two major international subscription video-on-demand services. Unfortunately, we are in a pre-release embargo period with both of these international players, which means that other than announcing that we have these two distribution deals, we can’t talk about the specifics until the formal consumer release,” MultiChoice chief financial officer Tim Jacobs said.

Multichoice already owns its own video-on-demand streaming service, Showmax. A service that has been slowly gaining traction within the African market but still getting stifled by the global rivals that Multichoice now seeks to get into bed with.

Interestingly, Multichoice already plans to spin-off DStv as a standalone streaming service, moving away from its traditional satellite business that has now grown the company to around 19.5 Million subscribers in Africa.

“As our industry evolves, we believe that we are well-positioned to benefit from both worlds – a large, growing pay-TV market in Africa, as well as an emerging over-the-top (OTT) opportunity, where our own OTT services and aggregation capabilities can drive success,” said Calvo Mawela, MultiChoice CEO.

There’s no word on how exactly Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will be integrated into DStv, however, it is clear that customers will have to purchase a new explore decoder if they want to enjoy this new privilege.

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