You Can Now Go On A Kenyan Safari Right From Your Home

Virtual Tourism
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Many people are now stuck at home and all that is left for them to do is to demand for indoor activities. However, this can get boring. It can’t compare to the thrill of, for example, visiting the National parks in Kenya. Countries all over the world are coming up with online tours of their cultures and this includes Kenya with this new virtual tourism experience that will let you enjoy a Safari right from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Tourism in Kenya

Virtual tourism uses digital images and sensory feedback to simulate tourist attractions available at remote destinations. With this feature, tourists can visit the various sites from their homes and the sector can monetize this.

CS Balala notes that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught players in different sectors to be more innovative to keep their businesses afloat.

Our international tourism business is completely cut off. We have to share destination memories with travelers and that is why we are unveiling a virtual tour safari.

He says that Kenya’s Safari is the best in the world and adds that the sector looks to liven up this brand positioning. The six-week expedition across the country will be part of the ongoing #MagicAwaits campaign.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) alongside the Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) are leading the operation. It aims at ensuring that the world and travellers remain connected to ‘destination Kenya’.

The venture will begin at the Nairobi National Park and move to 16 other locations. They plan to live stream and share this content every week to Kenyans and to the world at large. This aims to also give the world a taste of what is waiting for them in Kenya when the country is open for business again.

As of now, they have not stated exactly when it will start but they will use Facebook and Youtube to stream this content.

Subsequently, thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can also enjoy over 2,500 museums on its platform, including the Nairobi National Museum. It features some of Kenya’s famous archaeological discoveries and collections, East African birds and mammals.

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