Facebook Launches New App Dedicated to Live Events

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Twitter users around the world are familiar to the growing levels of interaction that usually take place during professional live events especially when it comes to sports. Well, it seems that Facebook, through its New Product Experimentation Team, is looking to take on its rival with a new interactive app called Venue. The app is aimed to provide an interactive second-screen experience for live events like Twitter does naturally.

To be clear though, the app isn’t meant to live stream the events it features but instead serve as a platform where users can openly talk about them as they happen. This will be done through “venues” that can be hosted by expert commentators, such as journalists, current or former athletes and analysts.

With the app, fans can then split their attention between the ongoing event and their phones. Additionally, hosts can get to ping guests whenever something important or memorable is happening. This can be done by creating “Moments” either through commentaries, polls or short chats. This will be like following live tweets by an expert.

“With Venue, fans can stop scrolling or searching to find the exact moment everyone is reacting to,” the NPE team explained.

Facebook has already partnered with the American professional car racing body NASCAR, to have it as the first sports event hosted on the app. This is meant to offer the motorsports’ fans an opportunity to interact with each other as they still cannot go in-person to see the first race set to take place today 31st May 2020.

Hopefully, the app will be able to host fans of more sports including football, whose major leagues are set to return to action within the course of this month.

Venue comes as the third app launched by Facebook within a week. This is after a collaborative music video creation app was launched to take on TikTok as well as another for voice-only group calls.

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