YouTube Will Now Remind You Stop Watching Videos and Go To Sleep

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One thing that has gotten really weird over time as we spend months stuck at home is our sleeping patterns. With all the sources of entertainment at your disposal, getting to sleep early at say, 10 pm is really not an option these days. And it seems like Google-owned YouTube knows that. Luckily, the service now has a new feature that lets you know that you’ve had more than enough of your screen time.

The feature can also be used to remind you to take breaks after several intervals. This is, of course, useful since YouTube is one site you would easily fall deep into and lose track of time. So how do you set up the feature?

You can set the break time and the bedtime reminders on the YouTube settings menu in the app. This is found on the General Settings page and the Time Watched page. You should, however, note that the feature is still rolling out to users around the world so you will be lucky to find it on your app right now.

Once you switch on the setting, you will need to select a specific time you would like the bedtime reminder to go off. This is meant to also save users from excessive detox from blue light emitted from screens.

The feature is also complemented by Google’s recent announcement that it would be augmenting its Digital Wellbeing app features with a bedtime reminder. This is a setting on your smartphone that also tells you to stop using your screen or watching videos when a certain time hits.

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