Kenyan Government Parastatal Website Hacked and Now Shows Porn Ads

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You’ve probably never even bothered to go to any website owned by a Kenyan government parastatal but this one will surely get your attention. Now, this might be due to pure negligence or maybe the fact that some really good hacker is good at their job. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) has a website that anyone might conclude to have been hacked.

This is because other than the important information on Kenya’s agricultural sector published on the website, you will notice some ad banners as you scroll down that lead to porn sites. Luckily, you will not even be required to click on them as the banners pretty much say everything on first sight. For a governmental institution, you would, of course, be worried why the tech department responsible for running the site would condone this.

What makes it worrying is the fact that it seems like no one seems to have noticed it or probably worked out on how to get rid of the banners. That is why one would conclude that maybe the site is hacked.

KARI was merged with three other bodies under the Ministry of Agriculture back in 2014 with an aim of easing up on resource use and duplication of efforts. This, in accordance with the ¬†Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Act 2013 would probably explain why the site seems so idle. But then again, shouldn’t it just be taken completely down and abandoned if there is no use for it currently?

Anyone who visited the site right now with an intent of getting crucial info would certainly be thrown off and it’s definitely not by the articles.

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  1. I would think ads are usually customized to preferences or browsing history of the individual.

    Ama mtu hapa anajishtaki ?

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