This is How Uber Will Ensure Drivers and Passengers in Kenya Wear Face Masks

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As cities begin to reopen and people start moving again, ride-hailing companies like Uber and Bolt have been called to action. It is mandatory to proceed with caution and safety while trying to keep everyone healthy. Thus, Uber is developing technology to detect whether or not drivers are abiding by the Coronavirus prevention regulations.

Uber Ensuring Drivers and Passengers in Kenya Wear Face Masks

As of Monday 18th, 2020, the new policy will require drivers in many markets to take selfies to certify they are wearing masks before going online. The technology will also allow riders and drivers an option to cancel a booking if the other party is not using a face covering.

If a driver shows up without a mask on, the rider can cancel the trip without penalty, too, and report the issue to us via the app. The two-way feedback system ensures both riders and drivers uphold certain standards.

These are however just some of the many requirements Uber is setting up to fight this pandemic.

Additional Features Of The New Tech and Regulations

  1. Passengers will no longer ride in the front seat
  2. The app will allow for ratings for both drivers and passengers who are not wearing face masks.
  3. Introduction of an interactive checklist drivers will have to complete each time they go online to accept rides. If a driver or rider gives a low rating, for example, they’ll be asked for feedback. This includes a tag “no face cover or mask” you can use to report a driver or passenger.
  4. For drivers, this includes confirming they do not have symptoms, sanitizing their vehicle regularly and washing their hands.

The policy will be in place through the end of June and reviewed based on local public health needs. In light of this, Uber says it is also committing KES 5 Billion to buy masks and sanitizing supplies. They have plans to expand to more countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa soon.

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